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Paintings,  Prints,
Pet Portraits and more


I have been drawing and painting for as long as I could be trusted not to drink paint water. I love the tactility and rich colours of oil paints and am always frustrated and delighted in equal measure by whatever puzzle is posed by each consecutive piece. Originally hailing from Portland Oregon, I am currently studying Fine Arts at NSCAD with a focus in painting and printmaking.

Shipping & Delivery

Please order at least six months in advance to allow for drying and varnishing times in a busy schedule before shipping. Paintings can be unvarnished if requested, although please note that this may lead to surface damage.


If you would like a custom portrait, please include several .jpg or other easily accessible formatted images of good quality for the best results. Please be sure that the eyes of your pet are visible and well lit. If you are unable to decide between a few images, send them to me and I will help choose which one would best capture your pet's personality in a painting.

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